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People are just too kind! Here are a few kind words writers have had to say about our work together.


​Also, feel free to find me on Twitter (@sarahtdubb) to see what folks have to say about my work there.

I'm counting Sarah's query critique as being the tip-top thing that got my request rate bumping.

Sarah was absolutely spot on with her comments and suggestions. Her thorough examination of my query was thoughtful and informative and my query is stronger for having her look at it.

Sarah offered a fresh look on a manuscript and query letter I've spent hours staring at, and her perspective, suggestions, and edits were invaluable to me.

Sarah's feedback was incredibly helpful! Her in-line comments really helped me level up my scenes, and her probing questions made me think things through. She helped me catch inconsistencies and realize a few plot threads weren't working out.

Sarah is such a thorough, enthusiastic and honest reader. Her feedback is always helpful and she doesn’t shy away from showing enthusiasm, which is great, but she will also honestly tell you what needs work / was confusing / had a plot hole.

Sarah offered smart thoughtful feedback on big picture issues (structure, character development, plot points) posed nuanced questions for me to consider, allowing me to refocus and strengthen my work. I wouldn't be "query ready" without Sarah's loving commitment to my story.

Sarah's amazing ability to revise queries helped me finalize mine, and it was the query that landed me my agent!

Sarah was passionate about my story and its characters, providing plenty of positive feedback and reactions while also kindly and constructively pointing out areas for improvement. Her feedback left me excited to continue editing my manuscript and I would definitely work with her again in the future!

It is freaky how good Sarah is at making the headache that is the one-page synopsis less painful. She's the synopsis whisperer!

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