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Books and Brews Book Club

I'll be joining the amazing crew from Books & Brews Book Club to discuss Birding with Benefits and enjoy great food and drinks!

Bring your book to get it signed! 

Caps & Corks
3830 W River Rd, Ste 100
July 30, 6-8 pm

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Birding with Benefits and the Benefits of Birding: Celebrating Birding through Fiction with Sarah T. Dubb and Jessica Vaughan


I have the great honor of joining Jessica Vaughan, editor of BWD magazine, to discuss Birding with Benefits, how it portrays birding, and some of our favorite bird-related books (Limit of 100).

Southeast Arizona Birding Festival
Doubletree Hilton @ Reid Park
Saturday, August 10

Attendance is free with festival registration:

Twice Shy Lovebirds Open Their Hearts in This Steamy (and Birdy!) Romance Novel

Dubb’s debut book shares this unaffected openness, particularly to the idea that birding and romance are perfect bedfellows. Yes, birds have long been associated with love—the poet Enheduanna, the first named author, wrote more than 4,000 years ago that a Sumerian love goddess was “like a bird.” But Dubb takes things to a new pitch. There is literally, literally, birding in the middle of a sex scene.  

NPR Staffers Pick Their Favorite Fiction Reads of 2024

This sweet, fake-relationship romance follows the recently divorced empty-nester Celeste as she navigates life as a single woman, once again. This time around, she’s saying yes to life and shaking things up. She didn’t expect the shaking to bring in the sensitive, gentle giant that is John. Or his deep love of birds. Come for the romance but, beware, you might find yourself falling in love with John’s quiet, colorful world of birding yourself! — Christina Cala, senior producer, Code Switch

It might be offbeat, but it’s the perfect marriage for first-time Tucson author Sarah T. Dubb. Her debut romance novel hit the shelves in June, and it’s called "Birding With Benefits."

It tells the story of a recently divorced 40-something mom who meets a shy bird watcher and, well, romance ensues.

Dubb told The Show she didn’t grow up dreaming of seeing her book on a bookshelf, but that all changed when she fell in love with romance novels.

24 New Romance Reads to Pick Up In June 

"A divorcee embarks on her “year of yes” and crosses paths with a shy but sensitive birdwatcher who changes her life in this charming rom-com that is perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Ali Hazelwood."

The 14 Best Romance Books of  June 2024

"Read it if: You enjoy a romance with soft characters and just the right level of trope-iness. A divorcee agrees to help a friend-of-a-friend on a birdwatching contest, but mixed signals lead to a fake-dating arrangement."

Publisher’s Weekly: New Fake Dating Romance Novels

PW calls Dubb’s debut “charming” and praises its “red-hot” love scenes, adding, “Dubb pulls off the fake-boyfriend trope with ease and mines her own experiences with birding in Tucson to add authenticity to John’s passion.”
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